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EFT Hypnosis for Permanent Pain Relief

Jacqueline's approach to EFT Hypnosis is very gentle, using visualization to bring the conscious mind into a deeply relaxed state. She then introduces new ideas to your subconscious mind to help change certain behavoirs or traits.

What is Hypnosis?

Defined as a “heightened state of suggestibility,” hypnosis can be used to change unwanted beliefs, behaviors, or habits. Deep hypnosis has also been used successfully as a form of anesthesia during medical or dental procedures.

A hypnotic state is optimum for making life changes. A specialist trained in hypnotic induction can guide you to a state of mind that rejects limiting beliefs and accepts new empowered ideas.


How can Hypnosis help me make changes in my life?

Perhaps you have behaviors or beliefs you would like to change, like smoking, overeating, or fear of driving over bridges. Through hypnosis, you can put these limiting behaviors or beliefs aside. When you’re in a hypnotic state, the hypnotist can help you “implant” positive, healthy alternatives and beliefs that will move you toward a happier, healthier life.


Does Hypnosis steal my will-power? 

Hypnosis Therapy TreatmentNo, hypnosis can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do—including losing weight or quitting smoking! You have to be ready and motivated to make the change in your life or the hypnotic induction won’t work.

We all experience trance states similar to hypnosis every day. Think about when you lost track of time while pursuing your favorite hobby, or found yourself parked in your driveway without remembering the drive home. Those are hypnotic states similar to the ones a trained therapist can induce. And while your brain relaxes its vigilance, you can re-program it with healthy ideas, beliefs, and habits. 


According to the Mayo Clinic

“Hypnosis may help you cope better with certain medical conditions, stop unwanted habits or reduce stress related to medical procedures. The effects of hypnosis can be long lasting and can improve your overall quality of life.”

Read more about hypnosis at the Mayo Clinic website.



A client says

Jackie has been instrumental in getting me back on track. I hadn't been introduced to Bowen Therapy prior to working with Jackie and appreciated her discussion of Bowen and its comparison to massage. I've had many Bowen treatments through the years.

More recently I tried Jackie's Hypnosis Therapy and hope to get in again in the next month or so. Her serene nature and pleasant voice make the experience doubly wonderful. The hypnosis helps me to get past hurdles.

I recommend Jackie for any of her healing modalities and fully trust her to make the best recommendations for her clients.

~ Michele Leahy



If you're ready to give up an unhealthy habit or belief, find out more about Hypnosis.


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